Meet Laura

A healer that walks her talk. I’ve healed from: cancer, autoimmune disorder, anxiety, deep depression and chronic back pain. I’ve experienced and healed from trauma, including: rape, domestic violence, and a family member’s addiction which ultimately led to suicide.

After all that, I’m here to tell you it’s possible to live a life of nearly-perfect health, full of more love, joy and peace than most can dream of. I’m living proof.

Laura Como

How I Did It

My journey began in 2014, when I got some bad news – YOU HAVE CANCER.

After I was cancer-free, I still wasn’t feeling right and my overall health was a mess. I was depressed, plagued with anxiety and was working myself into panic attacks. I had back pain that wouldn’t go away. My immune system was shot – causing me to catch seemingly every virus, which led to chronic sinus and ear infections. And worst of all, I had no self-love.

Wanna know the ironic part? I was a physician staffing consultant, knew the healthcare industry inside and out and was advising healthcare administrators around the United States.

I finally took control of my health and wellness, started to seek answers for my health problems and explored different healing modalities and methods. After all, I still had a lot of life to live – I hadn’t even hit age 30 yet.

A Teacher

Alternative healing modality expert. Writer. Speaker. Wellness guru. I did my research and found there are so many great healing modalities available, which are really effective. Some have been around for thousands of years, but mostly forgotten about in Western culture.

As I started to explore these healing modalities, little by little, I began to heal myself on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I put in the work and made it my full-time job. Literally.

I began to get fired up about helping people. Why weren’t more people taking advantage of these amazing “alternative” healing techniques? I needed to do something about it. I needed to heal the world. So I set out to build the world’s largest wellness directory, where people can learn about healing modalities and connect with healers from around the world.

Why BodyTalk?

Life is funny. I set out on a mission to heal the world, which I’m doing (my directory currently has thousands of healers in over a dozen countries), but God had more important plans for me. The message has become more clear over time – heal yourself first.

After years of being a human guinea-pig for trying different healing therapies, I found one modality that is really powerful and caught my attention. I was finally able to address my stubborn health issues at the root, heal quickly and have powerful shifts. It’s called The BodyTalk System.

After three years of receiving BodyTalk sessions, I was continually blown away by my own results. I had to become a healer myself, and of course, use one of the most powerful tools I had found in my years of research. I’m now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and I’ve been practicing for over a year. I continue to be amazed and grateful for my client’s results.

A Wellness Solution

What I have I learned after all this? In order to achieve total wellness, you have to take control of your health. Yeah you – in the driver’s seat.

Take an integrative approach, as it’s usually a combination of things that get you well. Educate yourself and be open-minded. Try new things, like healing modalities that seem totally weird, but hey – what have you got to lose?

Because in the end, you’re going to be surprised what you discover. Your healing journey is just beginning.